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First Class At Last!

Fed up with the strenuous process of travel: the slow queues, the delays, the crowds and the extreme discomfort of the average economy airline seat?


The author in this case, decided it was time to do something about this. He arranged a trip designed to be the antidote to the routine travel misery - and booked a trip travelling only first class. The first challenge was to decide where to go. He decided to fly to Bangkok, stay in the world renowned Oriental Hotel, continue onto Singapore and stay at the equally famous Raffles Hotel. He then travelled in style back to Bangkok on the Eastern and Orient Express, where he spent two nights on what many people regard as the best train ride in the world, and finally concluded his travel at a luxury spa on the beach, to recover. Along the way, the author meets a rock and roll musician; visits dubious bars and colourful markets; has an encounter with the bodyguards of the Thai Royal Family; and embarks on a boat trip along the River Kwai.


This lively, amusing account of luxury travel, highlights what every traveller secretly longs to do - travel in style and grandeur.

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